Popawheelie Image Services
Popawheelie Image Services has over 10 years of experience producing innovative imagery for textbooks, trade books, multimedia, marketing and corporate publications.

Whether you need stock photos, historic research, fine arts images or commissioned original photography, Popawheelie Image Services provides you with creative solutions within your project budget and schedule. Research is posted to online lightboxes for easy viewing from any location by members of the team: art directors, designers, editors and authors. I'm quick and thorough and am committed to adding inspired creative collaboration to your project to help you achieve your vision. My liberal arts background, passion for learning, attention to detail, and familiarity with image suppliers equips me with the ability to track down accurate images in all subjects. In addition to image research, I can also assist you with managing image data for large projects for picture credits and licensing.

Popawheelie Image Services provides:

Image Research for publication in text and trade books and multimedia from stock and non-stock image suppliers.
  • Photo concepting per manuscript with special consideration to editorial, design and layout needs.
  • Expertise in educational publishing image requirements: accuracy, kid-appeal, appropriateness. Subject areas: Science, Social Studies, Math concepts, Reading/Language Arts, American and World History, Fine Arts, Current Events, Technology, Popular Culture, offbeat topics, Higher Education, Business Publishing, Special Education, ESL.
  • Image submissions tracking and transfer via web lightboxes or FTP.
  • Updating client's database records as needed.
  • Review of final page proofs to record image usage for permissions, credits
    and billing.
  • Compiling final credits document for inclusion in pages.
  • Acquisition of approved hi-res image files.
  • Handling special permissions as required by museums and other institutions.
  • Negotiating pricing for all used images based on clients preferred vendor agreements and competitive fees for other sources.
  • Distributing final permissions documentation to sources, requesting invoices
    and updating final licensing costs.
Photo Shoot Coordination
  • Commissioning of original photography as needed per client approval.
  • Photo shoot coordination for complex location and studio shoots, casting models, prop and wardrobe acquisition.
Contact Info:

Heather Kemp
Owner/Photo Researcher

Email: heather.kemp at popawheelie dot com

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